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Pern, the third planet from the star Rukbat, was colonized by settlers from a far-future Earth seeking a less technologically-dependent existence. The ideals of the colonists were upset by the coming of Thread, a mindless space organism that eats everything it touches that isn't metal, stone or water.

Currently set on Pern's northern continent in the Tenth Interval, NorConMush explores the fallout from a recent Comet Pass, an unexpected return of Thread ten turns into what was expected to be 200 turns of Threadfree skies. Our timeline originally picked up from the end of "The White Dragon" where a non-functional AIVAS was discovered and relegated to the dust heap of history. As such the events that took place in ATWoP have not occurred and our Pern continues to struggle with the cycle of Passes and Intervals and the push and pull of politics and social change that it entails.

Recent Game Updates

NAB I10.40.4.7
Nabol's young heir begins visiting the minor holds.

BEN I10.39.13.8
Betrothal of Hulen to Eirlone announced at a small party.

FOH I10.39.11.13
Cyrek's claim to the Lordship remains unsubstantiated.

NAB I10.39.11.4
Signs of dissent become obvious in the Nabol region.

HRW I10.39.11.4
Irianke goes on hiatus leaving Farideh as Acting Weyrwoman.

Recent Logs

N'rov looks in on the injured after the Fort Games. Catling's wrenched her elbow, amo...

A Little Nostalgia
Former co-candidates Jocelyn and Tamsin wax a little nostalgic near the eggs.

The weather sucks, but weyrlings have to shadow Onyx anyway.

Three Seats Saved
Catling gets an extra-curricular assignment.

Happy, happy!
Leova checks in on Roszadyth and surprises Farideh with some happy suggestions.

Recent Vignettes

Could Have Beens
In an Alternate Universe, rather different, though the same.

A tiger never changes its stripes...

Troublesome Tamsin
How holder's daughter, Tamsin, became a dragonrider.

Lys broods about matters of the heart and self.

Southern Flowers
Edyis contemplates the mess she has found herself in.

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