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2016.08.15: Could Have Beens
Who: Alida
When: Day 25, Month 6, Turn 41 (Interval 10)
What: In an Alternate Universe, rather different, though the same.
Where: AU: Pern

2016.08.04: Awhile
Who: Alida
When: Day 19, Month 6, Turn 41 (Interval 10)
What: A tiger never changes its stripes...
Where: A bar on the Southern Continent

2016.07.23: Quiet
Who: Lys
When: Day 11, Month 5, Turn 41 (Interval 10)
What: Lys broods about matters of the heart and self.
Where: Glitter and Glass Weyr, High Reaches Weyr

2016.07.22: Southern Flowers
Who: Edyis
When: Day 27, Month 4, Turn 41 (Interval 10)
What: Edyis contemplates the mess she has found herself in.
Where: Southern Contenenent

2016.07.11: Togetherness~
Who: Silva
When: Day 25, Month 3, Turn 41 (Interval 10)
What: In the wake of Aidavanth's flight, Silva finds herself in a strangers weyr (no surprise), but also with the key to moving forward.

2016.07.03: Should've/Would've
Who: Alida
When: Day 6, Month 3, Turn 41 (Interval 10)
What: More discoveries are made...but in the Hall...and in a certain blue's head.
Where: Private teaching room, Harper Hall; Fort Weyr

2016.06.21: Twenty Four
Who: Edyis
When: Day 22, Month 2, Turn 41 (Interval 10)
What: A birthday is almost forgotten, but the really important things aren't.
Where: Mad Smithcrafter's Den Weyr, High Reaches Weyr

2016.06.24: Fucking Harpers
Who: Edyis
When: Day 8, Month 2, Turn 41 (Interval 10)
What: Shortly after an encounter with Silva and Quint, Edyis comes to a decision.
Where: Workout Room, High Reaches Weyr

2016.06.12: Bloody Clarity
Who: Silva
When: Day 28, Month 13, Turn 40 (Interval 10)
What: After she and Drex get into a tiff, Silva decides on a 180 in life.
Where: Silva's Weyr

2016.05.16: As Time Goes On...
Who: Alida, Jandra
When: Day 5, Month 11, Turn 40 (Interval 10)
What: Alida meets with a 'friend' from a long time ago.
Where: High Reaches Weyr; Pars Hold; Igen inner desert

2016.03.09: I Go Crazy
Who: Br'and
When: Day 23, Month 3, Turn 40 (Interval 10)
What: Well over a month after the Hatching, Br'and's is *still* having difficulty adjusting. Kahvaroeth...not so much.
Where: Various places within Fort Weyr

2016.03.06: On Limits
Who: Quint
When: Day 14, Month 3, Turn 40 (Interval 10)
What: Quint's sister Gisele decides her future.
Where: Bowl, Fort Weyr

2016.02.29: Via's Leaving
Who: Leova, Via
When: Day 24, Month 2, Turn 40 (Interval 10)
What: Via is packing for the Hall.
Where: High Reaches Weyr

2016.03.05: Twenty Three
Who: Edyis
When: Day 22, Month 2, Turn 40 (Interval 10)
What: Turndays lead to reflection, and eventually action.
Where: Mad Smithcrafter's Den Weyr, High Reaches Weyr

2016.02.26: Called on Icing
Who: Alida, C'thoun, Dathath
When: Day 14, Month 2, Turn 40 (Interval 10)
What: Alida and Ilicaeth provide their form of TLC to a disabled dragon (and sort of his rider, too).
Where: HRW: K'del and Cadejoth's OLD weyr ledge

2016.02.06: Fear Prohibits Growth
Who: Silva
When: Day 11, Month 13, Turn 39 (Interval 10)
What: Zaisyreth knows Silva better than anyone.

2016.01.18: Mutual Discomfort
Who: Jocelyn
When: Day 9, Month 11, Turn 39 (Interval 10)
What: Jocelyn crosses an item off of her to-do list.
Where: Jocelyn's Weyr, High Reaches Weyr

2016.01.17: Fire Over Ice
Who: Ka'ge
When: Day 7, Month 11, Turn 39 (Interval 10)
What: An attempt at a brief reprieve lends to a long overdue moment.
Where: A road near Fort Weyr

2016.01.06: Misfit
Who: K'zin
When: Day 1, Month 10, Turn 39 (Interval 10)
What: K'zin's experience with Tundra.
Where: High Reaches Weyr

2016.01.05: Into The Hands Of Fate
Who: Quinlys
When: Day 27, Month 9, Turn 39 (Interval 10)
What: Quinlys makes (or doesn't make) a decision.
Where: High Reaches Weyr

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