Timeline:NAB I10.39.11.4

From NorCon MUSH
Who: Farideh, Tevrane
Involves: High Reaches Weyr, Nabol Hold
Type: Update
What: Signs of dissent become obvious in the Nabol region.
When: Day 4, Month 11, Turn 39 (Interval 10)

After a group of High Reachians assisted with the harvest, a small hold to the distant south of Nabol's coverage area turned around and handed their tithe directly to the Weyr, claiming that Tevrane's lack of support (and High Reaches' proactive support) has forced them to deal with the Weyr directly. Although weyrwoman Farideh instructed those riders present to bring the tithe back to the Weyr, it remains to be seen what will happen with it from here.

Increasingly, it seems the Nabolese holds are unhappy with their Lady, though Tevrane herself shows no signs of acknowledging their unrest.