Timeline:HRW I10.39.11.4

From NorCon MUSH
Who: Farideh, Irianke, K'del
Type: Update
What: Irianke goes on hiatus leaving Farideh as Acting Weyrwoman.
When: Day 4, Month 11, Turn 39 (Interval 10)

It hasn't been news to those in the upper levels of leadership that the Weyrwoman has been somewhat distracted since the plague's ending, though much of the Weyr itself is running smoothy even without her full attention. But it does come as a surprise when the goldrider is seen packing a small bag and spending an entire day in conversation with the Headwoman, Weyrleader, and Farideh on the third. An announcement is made at dinner from the leadership dais, where the notoriously private Weyrwoman shares some details of her life, including the fact that her father passed at the end of the plague and that has left her immediate family of traders in upheaval, and that with no problems on the horizon (dundundun), the Weyrwoman is taking some personal time in order to help sort out the mess.

Some of those who have spent any time at Igen will have heard rumors that Irianke's station as an Igen goldrider was instrumental in helping establish her family as a preeminent trading family in the region. What a Reachian goldrider can do in this situation is a different matter, but blood is thicker than water, right?

In the end, it seems Farideh will be considered the acting Weyrwoman under K'del's guidance while Irianke deals with her family matters.