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Welcome to High Reaches Weyr

High Reaches Weyr was established as Fort Weyr's overpopulation began to be a problem. It was the third Weyr opened, just after Benden and is famous throughout Pern for its unique Seven Spires, llamas, and icy cold winters.

Welcome to the website dedicated to High Reaches Weyr on NorConMUSH, a text-based roleplaying game set at the start of the Tenth Interval. On this site you can learn more about High Reaches Weyr, including logs, plot, setting, search, current people, and various plots that may be to your liking. You can connect to the MUSH by clicking here (though you may also want to check out our 'Join Us' and 'Quick Start' sections for help in creating a character, and other important tidbits that are good to know). We're a friendly community and would love to see new faces!

Recent Game Updates

NAB I10.40.4.7
Nabol's young heir begins visiting the minor holds.

NAB I10.39.11.4
Signs of dissent become obvious in the Nabol region.

HRW I10.39.11.4
Irianke goes on hiatus leaving Farideh as Acting Weyrwoman.

CRM I10.39.6.12
Crom reopens its borders following the plague.

HRW I10.39.6.3
The plague seems to be dying out at High Reaches Weyr.

Recent Logs

A Little Nostalgia
Former co-candidates Jocelyn and Tamsin wax a little nostalgic near the eggs.

Happy, happy!
Leova checks in on Roszadyth and surprises Farideh with some happy suggestions.

Second-Fiddle Father
Talk of candidates, unfortunate trips down South, old emnities, and asshat wingmates.

A Decision
Alysce finally makes a decision, though the manner in which she conveys it isn't well...

A Brief Encounter
Edyis and Tamsin speak briefly.

Recent Vignettes

Could Have Beens
In an Alternate Universe, rather different, though the same.

Troublesome Tamsin
How holder's daughter, Tamsin, became a dragonrider.

Lys broods about matters of the heart and self.

Southern Flowers
Edyis contemplates the mess she has found herself in.

In the wake of Aidavanth's flight, Silva finds herself in a strangers weyr (no surpri...

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