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Welcome to Fort Weyr

Fort Weyr is the first of Pern's Weyrs and the largest, located in the southern portion of the High Reaches Range. The Weyr has figured prominently in more than one of the Pern novels, though nowhere is it portrayed in a more lively manner than in Moreta: Dragonlady of Pern. This novel presents the most complete picture of Weyrlife in a functional Weyr. Fort Weyr is a friendly, laid-back place to play whether choosing a rider, resident or other character-type to bring to life on Pern. Currently set in the 10th Interval, Fort Weyr has been continuously open since 1991 and has a long and rich on-camera history that can be further explored through the History section. To find out more about the region the Weyr serves, information about the holds and crafthalls that look to Fort can be found in the Region section.

Recent Game Updates

FOH I10.39.11.13
Cyrek's claim to the Lordship remains unsubstantiated.

FOH I10.39.10.2
Cyrek claims to be heir of Fort Hold.

Hatching of Zaisavyth and Vhaeryth's Eggs
Fort welcomes the baby dragons of Zaisavyth and Vhaeryth into the world at dawn.

Southern Wingleader
A Southern wingleader arrives at Fort, knot and all.

FOH I10.39.9.1
The Conclave meets but does not confirm a Lord or Lady.

Recent Logs

Always Choices
Two riders and a resident talk about choices and other things.

Recent Vignettes

More discoveries are made...but in the Hall...and in a certain blue's head.

On Limits
Quint's sister Gisele decides her future.

I Go Crazy
Well over a month after the Hatching, Br'and's is *still* having difficulty adjusting...

Fire Over Ice
An attempt at a brief reprieve lends to a long overdue moment.

R'oan's Home
Dahlia finally goes to R'oan's weyr and finds some measure of closure.

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