From NorCon MUSH

If you'd like Rose to run an ST scene for you, take the following into consideration:

  • Does it involve an NPC owned by Rose (check out +sheet/search owner=rose on game)
  • What do you hope to gain from the scene? Is there an end goal you have in mind?
  • Is this a personal story arc or a big(ger) picture story arc?
  • Are you following up on something in the world news?

After thinking about this, feel free to ping in page or +mail with your request and ideas/thoughts.

Things you should know about my style of ST:

  • I want this to be fun for you, so whatever thoughts you might have, let me know. Small minutiae from time of day to time of year, location, a basic sketch of your character's purpose in the scene. Just know that NPCs do not always react the way you might want/expect them to. Which brings us to...
  • ... At any point in the scene or process if it is not going the way you thought it might AND it does not sit well, let me know. Poses and/or the entire scene can be retconned.

Really, that's it! Most of the scenes I've STed so far stem from things that are happening in the world news that players feel would impact their characters in such a way they'd seek NPCs out to discuss. It's meant to enrich PC play in the PC world as a colorful supplement that helps either reinforce or generate new ideas and opinions. It is in no way meant to replace PC area play.