Connect to Norcon

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NorConMUSH is accesible via telnet at port 4210, though if you intend to frequent the game, you might find that a mush client will make the interface easier, boasting a number of handy functions and customizations. Some of the most commonly used include MushClient and SimpleMU (Windows) and Atlantis (Mac).

Once you connect to the game you will see the following screen:

Welcome to NorConMUSH

"connect <name> <password>" connects you to an existing character.
"create <name> <password>" creates a new character.
"WHO" tells you who is logged in to the game (case sensitive).
"QUIT" exits the game and saves your character.
"help" gives help on the commands, "help commands" for a list.

You can connect as a guest using 'connect guest guest' to poke around, or you can create a character using 'create <name> <password>', for example: create Julio schoolyard. We recommend checking out our creating a character page to learn more.

Meanwhile, we encourage everyone to explore the environment of the game. Check out the news files ('news') for information on the game's policies and accepted canon, and the +help files ('+help') to learn more about the command available. You can look around the grid; by typing 'look' you can see the description of the room or 'look <object name>' to see the description of anything in the room with you. Typing the exit names will allow you to move around.

In the event of game downtime, please check this wiki or you may also join us on TOOMush ( 6660) in the NorCon Refugee area.